Site Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • Deliveries will be made between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday
  • The address must be accessible by a fire engine size vehicle (18T)
  • We will not deliver to addresses accessed by a single track road
  • Whilst we guarantee delivery to kerb side only, Plasman where practical and reasonable and where driver safety is not compromised will endeavour to assist the recipient with worktops and accessories into secure dry premises.
  • At least one able bodied person should be present to off load the goods at the delivery location in the case of laminated chipboard, solid timber and composite solid surface (chipboard core) worktops; and in the case of solid surface or quartz stone worktops (solid all the way through), two people should be present to off load due to the additional weight involved.
  • It is at the driver’s discretion that we assist the lifting into premises.
  • If the driver deems the lift to be unsafe, then the delivery will be made to kerb side only and it is the consumer’s responsibility thereafter. We will not assist in the case of difficult access, stairways or where underfoot (or overhead) conditions are treacherous.
  • Due to the size and weight of components, we cannot accept any liability for any damage to structure, furnishings or fabric in consumer premises.
  • The consumer must ensure there is clear passage for the lift to take place.
  • We accept no liability for any injury caused to the consumer caused in the lifting of goods into premises, the lift is made at their own risk.
  • Failed deliveries attributed to the customer will still be charged carriage plus a further 20% restocking charge up to a maximum of £80
  • Any damages must be reported immediately to Plasman Laminate Products Ltd

It is the responsibility of Plasman’s customer to ensure that these conditions are made clear to the consumer.

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