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Just for you because you’re on top of the latest design trends and choose from the most innovative designs, we present the new Artis Surfaces Collection. Choose from 4 unique design options, exclusive finishes and special effects to create chic yet functional kitchen environments.

Artis surfaces provide the stunning ambiance of quartz, stone, glass or solid wood at a fraction of their cost. We include the latest technology 180fx laminate designs, which are faithful representations of natural granite slabs or timber, perfectly depicting their patterns with rich colour variations and striking veins.

Unlike conventional laminates, 180fx designs are printed to true scale proportion. Manufactured to exacting standards, Artis offers leading quality, reliability and long lasting performance and the complete collection is available “off the shelf” simplifying installation.

Laminate worktops are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst homebuilders and renovators due to their development over recent years. One of these developments is the introduction of high pressure laminates. High pressure laminates are a class of laminate which is a more sophisticated worktop surface that offers an improved level of abrasion resistance. High pressure laminate is created with a similar process to traditional laminate surfaces, however, the sheets are bonded with a combination of heat and high pressure to create a far more durable product. The surface of Artis worktops are comprised of a melamine resin, one of the hardest synthetically produced materials, which means that high pressure laminate surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear. Due to this advanced process, Artis offers an improved capability for resisting heat, abrasion and chemical damage, making it ideal for homes whose kitchens experience a lot of foot traffic and use.


Artis worktops offer an even wider textural range than that of contemporary laminate surfaces, with greater choice to cater to preference, lifestyle and home design. These textures include granite, silkwood, gloss, burnish, crystal and snow. Each of these options provides unique textures and finishes that mimic natural surface for a more traditional look or contemporary finishes for the modern home. With high quality, detailed printing, Duropal designs are able to mimic a host of colours and designs such as marble, timber or steel, however, unlike these surfaces, Artis requires very little maintenance to retain the quality, shape and appearance. Because of this wide scope of colours, textures and finishes, Artis is an excellent alternative to pricier and higher maintenance surfaces such as wood and natural stone.